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ABC Toolkit

Full-featured IFRS-compliant Financial and Business Solution for SMEs

Accounting Solution for Small BusinessesAs a small business owner, you must have been told that accounting software is expensive and difficult to use. Well, not anymore. With ABC Toolkit, anyone who is able to read and write can now use accounting software.

ABC Toolkit complies will all the relevant provisions of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for SMEs, and is loaded with custom utilities relevant to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These include Job/Sales Order Processing, Manufacturing Bill of Materials processing, Customers Information Management and Control, among others

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ABC MoneyQuadrant

Custom accounting and financial management software for Cooperative Societies and Money Lending Non-Bank Financial Institutions

ABC Money Quadrant for Cooperative SocietiesCooperative Societies and Money Lending Non-Bank Financial Institutions require something special as most mainstream accounting software may not meet all their requirements. ABC MoneyQuadrant is our ready response to this need.

Fully automated to ease your pains.

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Automated Production Costing and Accounting Solution for Bakery

Bread Production Costing and AccountingHow much does it cost you to produce a loaf of Bread?

If you cannot determine accurately how much it costs you to produce one loaf of bread per production run, then you are probably depending on guesswork. And that is very dangerous for the present and future of your business.

Remember, it does not matter whether you are manufacturing at industrial scale or from your kitchen—the result is the same: If you cannot determine what it costs you to produce a product accurately, you will, certainly, not be in a position to know how much profit or loss you are making until, perhaps, things get out of hands. Now, you have no excuse to let that happen to you.

BakerMITS is fully automated to capture all the cost components involved in the production of bread, confectioneries and allied products—from Bill of Materials, through Work in Progress and move the finished goods to Inventory automatically—with all the relevant accounting entries.

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ABC Medix Lite

Medix Lite Medical Diagnostics Software

ABC Medix Lite is integrated accounting and diagnostics information management solution for medical Laboratories and Radiology Centres. It comes with IFRS-compliant accounting module along with special tools to provide seamless environment for the storage, analyses, archiving, querying and reporting of medical diagnostics data and information.

ABC Medix Lite is a solution designed, built and customized to meet the peculiar needs of medical Laboratory and Radiology professionals so that they can continue to focus on what they were trained to do, while the software takes care of those things they are not trained to do.

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ExpressBook Business Ledgers

ExpressBook Accounting SoftwareThis is full-featured multi-currency, multi-company IFRS-compliant accounting software, designed for medium and large enterprises with functional Accounts departments.

The system is modeled based on the standard books of accounts to provide a familiar and classical interface for experienced accountants and bookkeepers. It comes loaded with several standard and optional features, including

  • Cashbook
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Cash Requisition, Authorization and Payment
  • Journals (Standard, Batch and Auto Journals)
  • Periodicals
  • Accounts Receivable (with Sales Order Processing)
  • Accounts Payable (with Purchase Order Processing)
  • Inventory (Multi-warehouse with inter-warehouse transfer option)
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Budget Administration and Control,
  • Consolidated reporting (for multi-company version)

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ExpressBook HiSuite

Integrated Accounting and Front Office Solution for Hotels

Hotel ManagerIt is inconceivable that a modern hotel will operate without a functional application software. Unfortunately, there are many hotels like that. Now you have a chance to move your hotel to a new level with ExpressBook HiSuite Integrated Accounting and Front Office Solution for Hotels. It is easy to use, and it is affordable..

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ExpressBook SchoolMate

Integrated Information Management Solution for Schools and Colleges

Integrated Information Management Solution for Schools and CollegesSchoolMate comes with the following standard and optional features:

  • Students Records and General Information Management
  • Students Examinations Processing and Reporting
  • Management of Students Finances
  • Payroll & Personnel Administration (Optional)
  • General Ledger Accounts (Optional)

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ExpressBook Medix

Integrated Accounting and Medical Management Software for Hospitals

Accounting and Medical Administration SoftwareExpressBook Medix is designed and built to automate accounting and medical information management functions for hospitals. The accounting module comes in two versions—International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)-compliant version (for government-owned hospitals), and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)-compliant version (for privately-owned hospitals). The feature-rich medical administration module is essentially the same for the two versions.

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ExpressBook PentHouse

PentHouse Real Estate Management SoftwareReal Estate Property Management Software

ExpressBook PentHouse is a great tool for Real Estate professionals and practitioners. Bring sanity, accuracy and efficiency into your real estate business by deploying ExpressBook PentHouse today.


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 ExpressBook PSA

IPSAS-Compliant Accounting & Budgeting Solution for the Public Sector

IPSAS Implementation ChallengesExpressBook PSA is full-featured IPSAS-compliant Accounting and Budget Administration software. The Nigeria version has been customized to work with the National IPSAS Chart of Accounts, released by the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation, as a standard feature.

ExpressBook PSA complies with both Cash and Accrual IPSAS accounting. It comes pre-loaded with the National IPSAS Chart of Accounts and Budget Preparation template.

Click here to see detailed features of ExpresBook PSA.


Payroll & Personnel Time-Billing Solution

ExpressPay Payroll and Job CostingExpressPay is generic payroll software with customizable features that can be used by any company, irrespective of size or type of business. The system can be configured to process and pay salary either on the basis Timesheet or fixed monthly emoluments. With the Timesheet option, employers are able to account for not only the money they pay as salary but also for the hours and costs that go into each project or cost centre. Custom interface can also be built to external Timesheet for direct import into the program.

The standard edition of ExpressPay is one of the optional modules in ABC Toolkit, but the full version of the software is packaged as a separate application.However, it has direct integration with ExpressBook Business Ledgers for automatic update of relevant accounts.

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ExpressBook TreasureScroll

Integrated Accounting and Membership Management Solution for the Church

Church Accounting and Administration SoftwareIs your church overwhelmed with the task of keeping reliable records of its finances, producing accurate and timely reports, managing membership records and their transactions?

Is your church in need of the right tool to manage its finances and sundry information?

ExpressBook TreasureScroll is bespoke integrated accounting and membership management solution for the Church to take the stress away…Click here for detail specfications of ExpressBook TreasureScroll




Here are selected titles from our ABC Financial Education Series. You can buy any of these books from Amazon Kindle store or order directly from us in e-format.

IFRS Accounting Manual for Small Businesses

IFRS Accounting Manual for SMEs

IFRS Accounting Manual for Small Businesses




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IFRS Accounting Manual for the Real Estate

IFRS Accounting Manual for the Real Estate

IFRS Accounting Manual for the Real Estate… Comprehensive, Simplified




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How to Master IFRS Accounting for Hotels with 3 Easy Steps

How to Master IFRS Accounting for Hotels

How to Master IFRS Accounting for Hotels with 3 Easy Steps




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