We have published a number of books to assist you in various areas of accounting and bookkeeping. Most of our books are written and presented in a way that make them appealing to non-accountants, as well as young professionals. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to appreciate and apply accounting to all aspects of financial activities that take place in their daily lives.

All the books are currently available in e-format in Amazon Kindle store. We are making plans to produce hard copy version of each book soon.

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Below are summaries of some of our important publications:

IFRS Accounting Manual for Small Businesses

IFRS accounting Manual for small businesses

IFRS Accounting Manual for Small Businesses is a working manual on IFRS accounting for small businesses. The book literally translates IFRS accounting policies into accounting entries in the double-entry format. The author does not assume prior knowledge of accounting, as he takes you through the fundamental principles and elements of accounting before stepping into IFRS. The book is laced with several practical examples on application of IFRS to various business transactions. These include Value-Added Tax (VAT), accounting for Salary and Wages, various forms of income and expense measurements and recognitions. The book is meant to serve as a learning and a working manual for non-accountants and enthusiasts, especially owners of small businesses. Students and new accountants may also find it useful as a companion text and a reference guide.

Mr. Kabir Mashir, former Acting Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), wrote the foreword for this book when he was still in office.

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IFRS Accounting Manual for the Real Estate


This book is an attempt to collate all the Standards and Interpretations that are applicable to real estate entities in one volume and present them in a way that aligns with operational workflow of real estate business. The book is a response to the author’s observations and feedbacks while implementing custom information management solution for real estate companies over the past ten years. One of those observations is the absence of literature that can provide guidance and information on IFRS accounting treatments, along with practical book entries, for real estate bookkeeping and accounting. This book is meant to fill that gap.

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How to Master IFRS Accounting for Hotels with 3 Easy Steps

How to Master IFRS Accounting for Hotels with 3 Easy Steps

This book is meant to provide a holistic IFRS accounting framework for the hospitality industry based on its unique operational workflow. It is not a book on how to entertain guests, or provide them with excellent food and services; it is a book on how to properly account for all the money from goods and services and sundry financial transactions that take place in hotels based on IFRS accounting policies.

The book also prescribes a general approach for creating an environment where all the accounting components and elements of the hotel can work seamless as one integrated unit. Thus, the book offers not only bookkeeping and accounting guidance, but operational and administrative template for modern hotels.

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