ExpressBook Accounting Software

ExpressBook Business Ledgers Accounting Software

IFRS-Compliant, Multi-company, Multi-currency Accounting Solution for Medium and Large Enterprises

ExpressBook Business Ledgers is multi-currency, multi-company double-entry IFRS-compliant accounting software. It comes loaded with all the standard and a number of bespoke features designed to meet peculiar needs of medium and large companies. The system can support up to 10 companies seamlessly, with each company having independent control over its transactions. With the multi-company license comes the capability to produce consolidated financial statements, in addition to independent financial statements by each entity.

ExpressBook Accounting Software Main MenuExpressBook Business Ledgers is meant to provide standard accounting solution as well as provide tools to handle specialized tasks not often found in mainstream accounting software. The software has been designed and built with the goal of providing practical, easy and affordable financial and business management tool for Medium and Large Enterprises with functional Accounts departments.

Below is the summary of all the standard and optional modules available in ExpressBook Business Ledgers.

Standard Modules

ExpressBook Business Ledgers comes with the following standard modules and Utilities:

ExpressBook Accounts Receivable Module

  • Cashbook (Receipts, Payments, Money Transfer)
  • Journals (Standard and Batch Journals)
  • Auto Journal (entries are automatically posted on due date)
  • Cross-Currency Journal
  • Periodicals (with separate tools for Prepaid Expense/Accrual, Deferred/Unearned Income, Amortized Payment and Fund Placement). All the entries are automatically posted on due date)
  • Employees’ Current Accounts (with Cash Requisition/Disbursement sub-modules)
  • Accounts Receivable (with integrated Sales Order Processing)
  • Accounts Payable (with integrated Purchase Order Processing)

Optional Modules

These are the optional modules which are priced separately:

ExpressBook Fixed Assets Module

  • Fixed Assets Management (with unattended monthly depreciation and Maintenance sub-modules)
  • Inventory Management
  • Budget Control
  • Job Billing and Control
  • Payroll
  • Multi-company operation (with Consolidated Reporting)

Special Features

The following special features come as part of our standard offerings:

  • Automated Schedule and unattended entries. These are double-entry transactions for automatic entry when the time is due. They include Auto Journal, Periodicals, Fixed Assets Depreciation.
  • Cross-currency Receipts/Payments.You can issue invoice in one currency and have your receipt or payment in another currency—with automatic computation of Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss.
  • Automatic Computation of VAT, Withholding Tax. We give you the best tool not only for VAT computation, but for reporting as well.
  • Associating Vouchers with Invoices. You can associate or link any payment or Receipt to an existing Invoice and automatically update the Invoice Register
  • Ease of Use. ExpressBook Business Ledgers is one of the most user-friendly IFRS-compliant accounting software you will ever find.
  • Multi-company operation. With multi-company license, up to ten companies can use the software simultaneously with a common or independent chart of accounts. Each company has full and exclusive control of its transactions, with the option of consolidated reporting for the entire group.
  • User-defined Parameters. You can define what you want the way you want it in line with your local conventions.
  • Menu-level Permission Security. This allows each menu item to be locked against unauthorized users, in addition to logon Username and Password security.
  • Custom Features. We are always willing and ready to tweak the system to satisfy our customers who may require something exotic or personal.

The ExpressBook Advantage

ExpressBook Business Ledgers is every Accountant’s best friend. Its intuitive user-interface also makes it something Data-entry Clerks will be at ease with. The software is designed, developed and implemented to solve standard and non-standard practical problems people encounter in the course of doing business. Samples: Amortization, Term Deposit or Fund Placement, Auto Journal, Batch Journal, etc. These are some of the special features we have implemented as standard in ExpressBook Business Ledgers because they fall within normal business transactions. The level of automation we have brought into software allows some activities (such as Fixed Asset Depreciation, Amortization, Prepayments, Unearned Income, Auto Journal) to run unattended with minimal or no user interventions.

ExpressBook Business Ledgers is not all about features and specs; it is about the best way of deploying software solution to increase the bottom-line. If your accounting software is making you to spend more money instead of reducing your cost, or increasing your profit, then its time to dump it and embrace ExpressBook Business Ledgers.


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