Accounting Software for Modern Hotels

ExpressBook HiSuite—Integrated Hotel Management Solution

Integrated Accounting and Front Office Solution for Hotels

Integration and Automation as the Key to Effective Hotel Management and Control

Hotel ManagerThe task of running modern hotels can be made much easier. But it requires the right tool. Consider the challenges hotel owners and managers face trying to make sense out of what is going on everywhere—from the front office to the back office, every hour and every day. Without proper monitoring and control there is ample room for error and pilfering. It should not surprise anyone that some hotels are finding it difficult to break even. If you look well at the bottom of it, you will trace the issue to accounting irregularities.

There are some situations where the use of software end up creating more problems than the ones they attempt to solve. Think of a scenario where multiple incompatible applications are deployed to handle the various tasks. Coordination and reconciliation could become even more problematic. That is just one of the various problems ExpressBook HiSuite is meant to solve, with its seamless integration.

The HiSuite Advantage

ExpressBook HiSuite is designed to ease the burden of running modern hotels, eliminate wastes and errors to improve profitability. The system integrates all the vital components of hotel operations into one application and puts the control in the hands of hotel owners or administrators. It is also designed to be affordable and easy to use. With ExpressBook HiSuite, everything flows harmoniously and constently to provide you with timely, comprehensive and accurate information.

Main Menu

ExpressBook HiSuite is integrated to support financial, front and back office operations for Hotels. The software has the following four principal modules, seamlessly integrated to form one holistic solution for hotel management:

  • System Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Front Desk
  • Accounts

With as little as N50,000 you can get a stand-alone version of ExpressBook HiSuite.

Below is the detailed description of each module of the software and other special features.

System Control

The System Control module allows you to define and set up all the global and fixed user-defined parameters. These are the parameters that are required for system automation, control, data consistency and integrity.

They include:

  • Accounts parameters
  • Room details
  • Sales Items Particulars
  • Price list
  • Stock Locations/POS
  • Sales Persons & Cahiers Profiles
  • Security


The inventory module provides tools for the management and control of goods procured for sales or the production of other goods. These include such items as drinks and foodstuffs, amongst others.  The module performs the following primary tasks:

  • Transfers
  • Receipts
  • Purchases
  • Manual Inventory Updates
  • Inventory Tracking and Reporting

Note that Inventory is automatically updated during sales/billing and purchases. Manual update of Inventory is only carried out to adjust for abnormal events, such as damages.

Front Desk

The Front Desk module contains array of tools and utilities for efficient management of modern HiSuite Room Control Centrehotels. These include:

  • Reservation
  • Guests’s Check-in and checkout
  • Billing & Sales
  • Room Management & Control
  • Guests Management and Control
  • General Information Management

The system has an intuitive user-interface designed to aid quick and efficient service at the front desk, where speed is of essence.


The Accounts module is a full-featured General Ledger double-entry accounting package, with the following sub-modules:

  • Journal
  • Cashbook
  • Periodicals (Prepayments, Accruals)
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Assets Management

Special Features…

Apart from these general features, below are some of the features that make HiSuite stand out from the crowd:

Chart of Accounts

The system comes preloaded with standard chart of accounts which you can activate and use with little or no modifications.

Composite Menu Design

This is a special utility that allows you to build a single menu item from a combination of several inventory items such that any time the item is sold inventory for all its associated components are automatically updated.

Multi-Points Inventory Control

In addition to the central store, each Point of Sale monitors and controls its own inventory independently, with the central store acting as the main source or warehouse. Thus, each Point of Sale will account separately for its cash sales, as well as inventory items allocated to it. Of course, the process is fully automated.

Bill and Hold

You can prepare multiple customers’ bills simultaneously and hold them in the system while switching from one bill to another until final settlement.

Complimentary Billing

Ever worried about how to record those goods and services you render to friends and relatives free of charge? Our Complimentary billing tool will handle that for you (with all associated accounting entries).

Checking out a Guest with Deferred Bill Settlement Option

Check out is easy when a guest settles his or bills in full on checkout. But when the bill has to be settled later, there is the challenge of transferring the debt to another book before closing the account. HiSuite will handle all these for you with appropriate accounting entries. It will also help you recall the bill anytime for settlement or write-off.

Auto Code Generator

Compiling codes for items of goods and services can be a tedious. With HiSuite there is nothing to worry about. There is a Code Generator that will automatically generate item codes for you based on user-defined classification.

Automatic Accounts Update

We have talked about seamless integration. What it means is that there is no need to record the same transaction in multiple places. For, example, all transactions involving accounting elements, (such as money, inventory, etc.) will automatically update the General Ledger, without any user intervention, irrespective of the modules where the transactions occured.

Executive Information Centre (EIC)

The EIC is a special utility meant to provide Managers and CEOs with quick and easy access to relevant information and reports without going through the high learning curve of mastering the entire system. Most important and frequent utilities and reports are assembled together in this module for quick and easy access.


Use of User name and Password to control login; access to specific module and features are controlled through permissions.

Ease of Use

ExpressBook HiSuite has one of the most intuitive and friendly interface. You do not need elaborate training to use the software


There are dozens of pre-formatted and general accounting reports; special reports for each module. Reports can be exported to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Acrobat, etc.

ExpressBook HiSuite is network-ready, seamlessly integrated and automated to deliver hassles-free hotel management. You only need to enter a transaction once, and all associated books will be updated automatically. You can confidently say ‘good bye’ to multiple applications and all your reconciliations headaches.

With as little as N50,000 you can get a stand-alone version of ExpressBook HiSuite.

Our book, How to Master IFRS Accounting for Hotels with 3 Easy Steps, will be of immense value to hotel owners, managers, accountants and enthusiasts. This book will not only teach you accounting for hotel goods and services, it will also provide you with information on how to set up your operating environment to operate efficiently. The book is available in Amazon Kindle store, but you can also order it directly from us.