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StethoscopeIntegrated Accounting and Medical Information Management Solution for Hospitals

People don’t go to the hospital for recreation or to play games. Anytime you see somebody in the hospital it is either the person is ill or somebody close to that person is. People go to the hospital to seek solutions to their medical problems. So, hospitals are a serious place and people who work there engage in the serious business of saving lives. That is why it is important to provide them with the right tools—tools that help them take care of what they were not trained to do so that they can focus effectively on the business of saving lives.

The Patient’s Journey

A patient’s journey through the hospital will trigger the following activities:

  1. Identifying or registering the patient
  2. Scheduling the patient to see a doctor
  3. Updating the patient’s medical records after consultations
    Preparing the Patient’s Bills
  4. Dispensing drugs and medical services
  5. Updating inventory for all drugs and other items dispensed
  6. Making relevant accounting entries for everything that involves money (drugs and medical services issued to the patient, cash receipts, etc.)

These are simple steps, but the procedures for each stage can be a nightmare in many hospitals. Assuming, each stage (from 1-5) takes about 15 minutes on the average, it could take a patient about an hour to complete all the processes. But it might take the hospital up to a week or more to complete the task of updating all its records manually. Apart from speed, let us not forget the issue of errors and deliberate manipulation, which the manual record keeping is so prone to.

The Financials

Medical records are central to hospitals, and to some people that is all that matters, when it comes to the issue of record keeping. But let us not forget that nothing the hospitals provide is free. Registration, Consultation, Drugs, Diagnostics examinations, hospital bed, hospital food, etc. all cost money. Somebody has to pay for them and somebody must keep accurate records of the money and renders accounts.

How do you record and account for all the financial activities taking place in your hospital? How fast can you provide accurate answers to the following questions?

  • What is your monthly Direct Cost (cost of drugs and medical consumables)?
  • What is your monthly Overhead Cost?
  • How much are you earning from the various categories of your services the hospital provides?
  • How much is your monthly Revenue?
  • How much do you earn from Other Income?
  • Who are those owing you (Trade Debtors), who are those you owe (Trade Creditors), and what are the amounts involved?
  • What are your monthly, quarterly and yearly Profits?
  • What are the Net Book Values of your vehicles, equipment, plant and other tangible assets?
    What are your total Assets, Liabilities and Equities?

ExpressBook Accounting Software

Beyond the Standard Activities

Apart from standard medical and financial records and reports, have you ever tried producing management reports that require a little bit of statistical data? For example, preparing a report showing the following:

  • Total number of Registered Patients (Male, Female, Children)
  • Total number of Outpatient consultations (Male, Female, Children) for any given period
  • Total number of Inpatients (Male, Female, Children)
  • The most diagnosed ailments for any given period
  • The most prescribed drug for any given period
  • Total number of death for any given period

I know you are capable of producing these data, but the question is how fast, how accurate and at what cost?

Medical Performance Analyses

ExpressBook Medix is a solution designed, customized and packaged just for you to help you answer all these questions with ease. In this way you will free yourself from the mundane and focus your energy on doing what you were trained to do as a medic.

Welcome to ExpressBook Medix

ExpressBook Medix is integrated accounting and medical administration software solution for Hospitals. The software is packaged in two Editions: GME (for Government Medical Entities) and PME (for Private Medical Entities).

The GME Edition comes with IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards)-compliant accounting system, preloaded with the National IPSAS Chart of Accounts, while the PME Edition comes with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)-compliant accounting system with generic chart of accounts for medical establishments. The medical administration modules are integrated to work seamlessly with the accounting system.

With ExpressBook Medix, all the tasks listed above have been automated. All relevant updates and accounting entries involved in each stage of the process are carried out automatically in real-time, and with 100% accuracy.

We are not just talking about generic Information Management System; we are talking about a system that is integrated, automated and customized for hospitals. In the absence of integration and automation:

  • Somebody will have to take the Patient’s file to the Doctor
  • Somebody will have to return the files back to the cabinet
  • Somebody will have to take the billing, payment, dispensing records to the accounts department before they can update accounting records
  • Somebody will have to manually reconcile the Inventory Register with the General Ledger
  • Somebody will have to go and put the diagnostics investigations result in the Patient’s file
  • Somebody will probably take days or weeks to provide you with basic statistical data on key parameters of interest, and if the data comes nobody will be able to vouch for the accuracy.

Without integration and automation, there are too many things SOMEBODY will have to do for things to happen, and we know that SOMEBODY is not always punctual, accurate, careful or honest enough! There isn’t much we can do to make somebody more effective and honest, but we can easily teach SOMEBODY how to input data, click a mouse. And we will know when a SOMEBODY refuses to input the data or click the mouse because everything is automated and the whole process runs as one big chain—when the chain is broken you will know exactly where it is broken. This is what we call the ExpressBook Medix Advantage! And you are invited to take advantage of it.

ExpressBook Medix takes you beyond automation of the routine and standards tasks. It comes with a collection of intelligent data analyses and reporting utilities that gives you instant access to any information you need with just a few mouse clicks.

ExpressBook Medix Medical Consultation Schedule

Special Features

Apart from the general features and reports one would expect from standard accounting and medical management software, ExpressBook Medix comes with special features you are not likely to find in a single software package. They include the following:

  1. Full-featured IPSAS-compliant accounting system, preloaded with the National IPSAS Chart of Accounts (GME Edition) for uniform accounting measurements, classifications and reporting for all government-owned medical establishments
  2. PME Edition Preloaded with standard IFRS-compliant Chart of Accounts for Medical Institutions
    Seamless integration of medical and clinical services with the General Ledger, thereby eliminating errors, duplication of data and delays in financial information processing
  3. System preloaded with National Drug Codes, with option to add user-defined codes
  4. System preloaded with ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnoses Codes, with option to add user-defined diagnoses
  5. Doctors’ Consultation Console, with quick and easy access to all patients’ medical records and reports
  6. Online Consultation Schedule for assigning patients to Doctors
  7. Online filing of Pre-Consultation Screening data & vital signs
  8. Medical Performance Analyses & Evaluation Tool to provide instant statistics on the Number of Registered Patients (Male, Female, Children), Total Number of Consultations (Male, Female, Children) for any given period, the Most Diagnosed Disease and the Most Prescribed Drug for any given period.
  9. Arrays of medical records include Birth, Immunization, Death, Medical History, Consultation, Diagnoses and Prescriptions Log, etc.
  10. Multi-layer security to protect data integrity and privacy of patients’ medical records

Application Modules

ExpressBook Medix comes with the following integrated standard and optional modules:

Standard Modules

  • Medical Administration
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Inventory

Optional Modules

  • Budget
  • Noncurrent (Fixed) Assets Management

The optional modules are priced separately.

ExprExpressBook Medix Integrated Medical Software

The days of manual record keeping—when people used to take days and weeks just to prepare simple reports and financial statements—are over. If you are still doing that today, then it is a sign that you are not meant to feature in today’s environment and that of the future. Get ready to do away with those stacks of files, decongest your table as you embrace modern automated information management system…

Note that ExpressBook Medix is not a general solution—it is a custom solution designed and built for hospitals. You don’t have to change your processes; the system is already designed and tailored to automate your processes.

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