ExpressBook PentHouse Real Estate Management Software

ExpressBook PentHouse Property Management Software

PentHouse Real Estate Property Management Software

Banish Speculation, Guesswork and Errors with PentHouse Real Estate Management Software

PenHouse Real Estate SoftwareExpressBook PentHouse is property management software solution for the Real Estate. The software is designed to cater for the information processing and management needs of real estate professionals and practitioners. The software provides tools and utilities for data capture, update, analyses and reporting. Reports can be exported to other data formats, including Microsoft Excel and PDF.

ExpressBook PentHouse can be integrated seamlessly with our ExpressBook Business Ledgers or ABC Toolkit accounting software to provide full IFRS-compliant General Ledger and Fixed Assets management functionalities.

Standard Features

Below are the primary modules of the software with all the standard features.

System Control

  • Portfolio Setup
  • Property Classification
  • Locations Setup
  • Revenue & Expense Classification
  • User-defined Tax Rates
  • Custom Preferences
  • Vendors Details

Property Administration

  • Title Holders’ RegisterProperty Register
  • Property Register
  • Property Insurance
  • Property Valuations
  • Property Inspections
  • Work Order Request
  • Work Order Approval
  • Work Order Updates
  • Picture Gallery
  • Property Information Centre (PIC)

LeasesPentHouse Real Estate Software

  • Tenants’ Personal Details
  • Setup a New Lease
  • Modify Lease Record
  • Update Leases—Renewal, Quit Notice
  • Terminate Lease

Property Finances

Real Estate Income and Expense

  • Rental Income
  • Other Property Income
  • Property Maintenance Expense


  • Property Register
  • Picture Gallery
  • Property Valuation
  • Property Insurance Schedule
  • Property Inspection History
  • Property Work Order
  • Insurance Schedule
  • Insurance Schedule
  • Tenancy Details
  • Lease Schedule
  • Property Income
  • Property Expenses
  • Property Income & Expense Journal


  • Present Value Calculator
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage

Special Features

The software has simple and intuitive interface, with lots of utilities. Some of its special features include:

  • User-defined control parameters
  • Automatic sentinels to notify you of important events such as lease expiration/renewal, pending rents, pending work order, etc.
  • Sending invoices and rental bill via email

ExpressBook PentHouse is fully customized to provide Real Estate professionals and practitioners with a convenient and affordable information processing and management tool. It takes guesswork and speculation out of real estate management and gives you 100% accuracy and reliability.


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