Integrated Information Management Solution for Schools and Colleges

ExpressBook SchoolMate

Integrated Information Management System for Schools & Colleges

SchoolMate is integrated application software designed and built purposely for modern schools and colleges. The main goal of the software is to address the fundamental issues of school administration in the following areas:

  1. Students’ records management
  2. Students’ examinations processing
  3. Accounts and Payroll information management.

SchoolMate comes packaged in two editions—the Standard and the Professional Editions.

SchoolMate Integrated Information Management System for Schools and Colleges

Standard Edtion

The Standard Edition of the software consists of the following primary modules:

  • Students Records
  • Students Examinations
  • Students Finances

The Professional Edition has the following additional full-featured application modules:

  • General Ledger Accounts
  • Payroll and Personnel Administration

In addition to these application modules is the general System Control module, which allows users to define parameters and assign custom values based on the each school’s preferences or as required by the law in order to ensure that

  • Each school applies its own rules and policies consistently.
  • There is no duplication or error in applying defined rules

Some of the parameters defined under the System Control module include.

  • Schools/Faculties
  • Departments
  • Academic Periods
  • Academic Calendar
  • Grading System
  • Students Classification
  • Academic Workload
  • Approved Subjects/Courses
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Hostels
  • School Fees
  • Default Settings

Students Records

This is a compendium of each student’s personal, admission, academic, family, medical, and all other relevant data and information. It keeps track of both the current and historical data, as each student progresses through the school.

Below is the list of items under Students Records module.

  • Students Registration
  • Students Medical Records
  • Awards & Commendations
  • Promotion
  • Transfers, Withdrawal, Termination
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Graduation Listing

Note: Some of the features may only be available in the Professional edition.

Examination Records

This module handles automatic grading and processing of students examinations and tests scores. It also produces report cards and transcripts for all students, both past and present. The software automatically computes averages (student’s average, subject average, class average) and each student’s positions in each subject, as well as position in class.

Below is the list of items under Examinations module.

  • Assessment—Class Work
  • Assessment—Examinations
  • Assessment—Behaviour and Skills
  • Behaviour and Skills
  • Report Cards
  • Promotion Updates

Special Features

  • Automatic grading of students scores based on any of the three pre-defined grading options
    Automatic processing of final results from combined tests and exams scores based on pre-defined ratios
  • Generating and printing of examination results for the whole school within minutes with varieties of report options and formats, including the following:Students Report Cards, General Score Sheet Summary, Students Results (grouped by subjects)
  • Option to automatically promote students to the next class based on user-defined promotion cut-off mark

Students Finances

This module handles all aspects of financial transactions between the students and the school. A ledger is maintained for each student showing what the student owes, what he or she has paid and the balance at any given time. Each parent is automatically assigned a unique account number which is used to track all financial transactions. An up-to-date statement of account can be generated and printed at any time for any student.

Below is the list of items under Students Finances module.

  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Receipts
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Billing Journal
  • Invoices Schedule
  • Statements of Account
  • Transaction Journal

Special highlights of this module include:

  • Automatic/batch billings based on pre-defined fees and students classifications. This makes it possible for bills to be prepared for the whole school within minutes
  • Automatic generation and printing of invoices and statements of accounts for each student/parent
    Accurate recording and tracking of all students’ bills and payments
  • Provision of Debit and Credit Notes for journal entries and adjustments


Data Backup and Restore: To ensure the safety of your data there are special utilities to backup and restore data.

Security: The system provides security at two levels: Login User Name and Password and menu-controlled Permission settings administered by the System Administrator.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition comprises of the following additional applications integrated to work seamlessly with the standard modules. Each of these applications can also be acquired separately.

Payroll and Personnel Administration

SchoolMate Payroll Module

This is a standard payroll and personnel administration system designed to meet the needs of schools and colleges. It has the following features:

  • Personnel Employment and Personal Details
  • Personnel Duties Roster and Responsibilities
  • Leave Schedule
  • Loan Administration
  • PAYE Tax Administration
  • Pension Administration
  • Monthly Salary processing with several reports

We will be willing to incorporate additional custom features for any school that so desires.


SchoolMate Accounts Module

This is a full-featured IFRS-compliant General Ledger accounting system with the following standard modules (in addition to special tools and utilities):

  • Cashbook
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Petty Cash Register
  • Journals
  • Prepayments
  • Deferred Earnings
  • Standard IFRS Financial Statements and other reports

Optional modules include

  • Inventory
  • Noncurrent (Fixed) Assets Management

Optional Features

One optional feature for both the Standard and Professional Editions is emsDirect—a special utility for generating and sending students’ results and invoices directly to parents via email.

Pre-College and College Versions

SchoolMate can be packaged in two different versions: Pre-College (for Primary and Secondary Schools) and College (for tertiary institutions and universities). The College version has the following additional modules:

  • On-line course registration
  • Grading system based on Grade Point Average (GPA)

It is possible for the system to share most of its features across the two versions due to the fact that most of the variable parameters are user-defined.

SchoolMate is available as a stand-alone (single-user) system or as a multi-user client-server system.

A Solution Customized for You!

  • Students Records and General Information Management
  • Students Examinations Processing and Reporting
  • Management of Students Finances
  • Payroll & Personnel Administration
  • General Ledger Accounts

We have designed and built SchoolMate to automate and standardize the tasks involved in running modern schools with the aim of improving efficiency and accuracy. The Standard Edition of SchoolMate incorporates the following tasks seamlessly into one application:

  • Students Personal and Academic Records
  • Students Examination Records
  • Students Financial Records

The Professional Edition features two independent applications:

  • Full-featured IFRS-compliant General Ledger accounting
  • Payroll and Personnel Information

This is the simplest and most affordable ERP solution for schools and colleges.

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