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Church Accounting and Administration Software

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Accounting for God's Treasure under your care transparently is a moral as well as spiritual obligation...

What is ExpressBook TreasureScroll?

The Church has witnessed a tremendous growth over the past few decades as the evangelical fire spreads across the globe. Apart from the upsurge in membership figure, the finances of the Church have also grown in size and complexities. Other than regular Offerings, Tithes and sundry expenses, there are other issues, such as:

  • Fixed Assets to manage
  • Pledges and Levies to track and monitor
  • Sales of sundry items to account for
  • Membership records to update, anniversaries to remember, etc.
  • Newcomers to follow up and progress reports to make

Even under the simplest settings, these tasks are not easy to accomplish manually.

TreasureScroll is integrated financial and information management system specially designed and developed for the Church. The system is designed and implemented based on standard accounting principles, but customized to meet the peculiar needs of the Church. At the base of TreasureScroll is the General Ledger accounting, which is  seamlessly integrated with custom church activities. The result is a practical package with unprecedented features and ease of use.

Beyond developing accounting software, we have provided a framework for the implementation of accounting solution for the Church, with a generic Chart of Account as a template. We have also defined rules and guidelines for the following:

  • Management of Church Memberships
  • Management of Pledges and Levies
  • Management of Church Remittances and other financial transactions

It is our hope that ExpressBook TreasureScroll will bring order as well as a uniform standard for financial and information management in the Church.

Software Modules

TreasureScroll comprises of three principal modules, namely

  • System Control
  • Church and Membership Administration
  • General Ledger Accounting

In addition to these modules are several Utilities and Reports to meet the various needs of the Church.

The following are the principal modules and sub-modules of the software:

System Control Module

This is where all the control and global parameters are defined and set up. They include:

  • Accounts Coding Convention
  • Classification of Accounts
  • The Chart of Accounts
  • Transaction Currencies
Church Administration Module

Church Administration Module

Admin Module

This module handles various aspects of Church administration involving members. The following sub-modules are available for effective church administration.

Setting up of user-defined parameters

  • Parishes/Branches
  • Offices
  • Titles
  • House Fellowships
  • Members Registration
  • Ordination History

Sunday School

  • Sunday School Classes set up
  • Sunday School Register
  • Sunday School Attendance


  • Setup a New Pledge
  • Members’ Pledge
  • External Pledges
  • Redeem Pledge
  • Pledges Register


  • Setup/Register a New Levy
  • Payment of Levy
Church Accounting Module

General Ledger Module

Accounts Module

This is a standard, full-featured General Ledger accounting module which can be used independent of other modules. The sub-modules are as follows:

  • Cash Book – Receipts and Payments
  • Journal - Journal Voucher, Prepayments/Accruals
  • Accounts Receivable (Debtors)
  • Accounts Payable (Creditors)
  • Budget Control
  • Fixed Assets Management


The Reports module contains all the general accounting reports, as well as special ones. These are in addition to special reports you will find in some modules.

Special Features

TreasureScroll is, first and foremost, accounting software. But it has some special features which are designed to address the need of the Church. They include:

  • Custom Chart of Account for Church
  • Detailed Memberships list, classified according to Offices, Departments, Titles/Position, House Fellowships, etc.
  • Detailed financial records of every member
  • Auto-generation of Account number for each member
  • Automatic generation of Accounts codes for Pledges and Levies
  • Automatic update of General Ledger for Pledges and Levies
  • Custom queries/reports to meet the various needs of the Church
  • Password secured
  • Multi-user option

Above all, TreasureScroll is designed and built with a friendly interface to offer a very convenient and productive environment for both professional Accountants and non-professionals. Integration with the General Ledger also ensures that all financial transactions are automatically posted and are in compliance with the double-entry principle, without any user intervention.


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The Right and Perfect Way to Account for God's Treasure!

Church Accounting and Administration Software

Is your church overwhelmed with the task of keeping reliable records of its finances, producing accurate and timely reports, managing membership records and their transactions?

Is your church in need of the right tool to manage its finances and sundry information?

ExpressBook TreasureScroll is that tool. It integrates full-featured General Ledger accounting with general adminstration seamlessly to deliver a tool that is functional, responsive and easy to use.

For immediate enquiry, please call +234 (0) 809 812 9605