ExpressPay Payroll and Job Costing

ExpressPay Payroll and Personnel Job Costing Software

Payroll and Personnel Job Costing Without Stress

ExpressPay Payroll and Personnel Job Costing

ExpressPay is generic payroll software with features which can be customized to meet the requirements of any company, irrespective of size or type of business. There is an optional Timesheet module which makes it possible to capture employees hours based on Jobs. With the Timesheet, the software provides easy and affordable Job Costing without stress. Companies that do not want to implement the job costing feature can adopt the standard fixed monthly pay option. Custom interface can also be built to external Timesheet for direct import into ExpressPay.

Apart from its flexible and generic features which allow the software to be customized to meet special requirements, ExpressPay stands out for its ease-of-use. The software can be integrated with either ExpressBook Business Ledgers or ABC Toolkit accounting software for automatic update of salary accounting entries.

Standard Features

ExpressPay Payroll Scheduled Allowances

ExpressPay is, first and foremost, payroll software, and does everything any good payroll software should do. The software comprises of two principal modules—Personnel and Payroll—seamlessly integrated to provide convenient, secured and controlled experience in a single package.

  • Some of the key features of the software include:
  • Unified, batch processing of salary for different categories of staff
  • Multi-country Tax and Pension Policy
  • Multi-currency payroll system that allows employees to be paid in any currency of their choice
  • Integrated Timesheet and personnel job costing and reporting
  • Promotion with automatic update of salary
  • Batch Salary increment for all or groups of employees
  • Suspensions and Absentees management with pro-rata computation of salary with the following options: Without Pay, With 50% Pay, With 25% Pay, With No Pay
  • Overtime Timesheet and auto-computation of overtime
  • Processing of scheduled allowances such as Housing and Leave
  • Employees loans management and control
  • National Contributory Pension Administration
  • Auto-computation of PAYE Tax based on PITA (Amendment 2011). Custom PAYE formula can also be implemented.
  • Employers have the option of selecting between two salary payment options: Fixed Monthly pay and Timesheet-based Hourly pay.
  • Multiple bank remittances for employees
  • Secured, multi-user system with Audit Trail
  • Quick setup and implementation

Special and Optional Features

  • ePayslip utility is an optional feature that automatically sends customized pay slips in PDF format to all employees via Email
  • Seamless integration with our ExpressBook Business Ledgers or ABC Toolkit accounting software (or any other compatible accounting software)


The software produces standard and custom reports in a variety of formats, with an option for exporting data to Microsoft Excel or PDF formats. Some of the standard reports include:

  • Employees’ Pay slips
  • Payroll Journal
  • Bank Schedule
  • Pension Report
  • PAYE Report
  • Personnel List (in various formats)
    Attendance Register
  • Birthday Anniversary List

We can always provide custom reports on demand.

No matter the complexity of your payroll procedures or rules, we can customize and automate them for you with ExpressPay.

ExpressPay is like no other payroll; it is fully automated to ensure your Payroll processing runs unattended. Well, almost!

Don’t just pay salary, account for the hours as well!


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