Medix Lite Medical Laboratory and Radiology Software

ABC Medix Lite

Accounting and Information Management Solution for Medical Diagnostics Centres

ABC Medix Lite is integrated accounting and diagnostics information management solution for medical Laboratories and Radiology Centres. It comes with IFRS-compliant accounting module along with special tools to provide seamless environment for the storage, analyses, archiving, querying and reporting of medical diagnostics data and information.

Medix Lite is a scaled-down version of our ExpressBook Medix Integrated Accounting and Medical Information Management software for hospitals, with standard features of ABC Toolkit Financial and Business Solution for SMEs.

Medical Diagnostics and Accounting Software

The ABC Medix Lite Advantage

ABC Medix Lite is a solution designed, built and customized to meet the peculiar needs of medical Laboratory and Radiology professionals so that they can continue to focus on what they were trained to do, while the software takes care of those things they were not trained to do. These include:

  • Unique Classification of Products and Services and associating them with relevant accounts
  • Maintenance of user-defined and consistent Price List for all Products and Services
  • Keeping detailed profile of all your Customers—with auto-generated unique ID and Account Code for each customer
  • Filing, Printing and Archiving of Laboratory and Radiology Tests and Results using both generic and custom formats
  • Automatic update of accounts after each customer’s payment
  • Keeping accurate and detailed records of Revenue from each good and service
  • Keeping track of Income from other sources
  • Keeping track of all Purchases and other Expenses
  • Keeping track of Debtors and Creditors
  • Managing and accounting for Inventory
  • Managing and accounting for Tangible Assets
  • Processing and accounting for Salary and Wages

And you accomplish all these tasks with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

With Medix Lite your diagnostics tests results are secured and can be archived to external media. You can also print the reports, export and email them whenever the need arises. Invoices and cash receipts flow directly into your General Ledger automatically.

Medical Laboratory and Radiology Operational Workflow

Packaged to Meet Your Pocket and Size

Medix Lite is available in the following two Editions:

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition comprises the General Ledger Accounting module, Laboratory and Radiology Medical Diagnostics information management module, Standard Reports and Data Management Utilities

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition adds Custom Laboratory and Radiological Report Templates, Fixed Assets Management—in addition to all the features of the Standard Edition.

Payroll is available as an optional module and is priced separately.

Store, Print, Archive, Export and Email Reports with Ease…

With Medix Lite your medical diagnostic tests results are safe and secured and can be archived to external media. You can also retrieve, print and export reports, or email them to your customers or clients.

The system comes preloaded with standard Chart of Accounts and list of Services, which you can easily update.

The software can be deployed either as a single user or multiuser over a Local Area Network (LAN).


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Medix Lite Medical Diagnostics Software