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Sales and Jobs Order Processing with ABC Toolkit

 The Sales Order Processing Workflow

ABC Toolkit financial and business solution for SMEs has a special module for Sales/Jobs Order Processing, with additional tools for sales analyses and reporting. One of such tool is the Customers’ Information Management and Control (CIMAC), which allows you to create a profile database for your customers, and track their transactions.

The Sales/Jobs Order Processing module comes with utilities to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Customers Registration
  2. Order Entry
  3. Order Confirmation
  4. Receipt of Payment
  5. Quality Check
  6. Completion/Delivery

Customers Registration

The Customers Registration utility allows you to register new customers with as much data as you can possibly collect from them. Some of the data fields on the registration form are optional, and can be filled in anytime they are available. However, each customer must have a Name, and be assigned a unique Customer ID and a Trade Receivable Account Code. The tool also allows you to classify your customers as either PRIVATE or CORPORATE. The system also allows you to import customers’ records from Microsoft Excel.

Customers Registration - Standard Interface

Customers Registration – Standard Interface

Interface (the look and feel) of the customer registration form depends on the type of business you assigned to your company (the software provides you with several options to choose from). For those who choose Fashion Design as their type of business, the user interface will include a section for inputting customers’ measurements.

Customers Registration - Fashion Designers Interface

Customers Registration – Fashion Designers Interface

Order Entry & Confirmation

The Order Entry tool allows you to register each customer’s Order for your goods and services. Customers are selected from the list of pre-registered customers. That means every new customer has to be registered before entering the customer’s Order into the system. The system will automatically generate a unique Order Number for each new Order. Apart from the specific items ordered by the customer, other important parameters include Date Ordered, Due Date, Delivery Option, among others.

Sales Order Entry

The next tab on this form is the Confirmation Tab. Confirming an Order is like invoicing the customer for the goods or services ordered, and that will result in debiting the customer’s account and crediting Unearned Revenue. Everything is fully automated.

Sales Order Confirmation

Sales Order Confirmation

You can launch the Order Entry & Confirmation Form either from the Customers Registration utility or directly from the Sales/Job Order Processing Toolbar.

Receipt of Payment

There is a tool to acknowledge Receipt of Payment from customers, either in part or in full, with respect to confirmed Orders. This will automatically credit the customer’s account and debit cash.

Quality Check

This is a check on the goods or services meant for delivery to the customer to make sure that they comply with the customer’s specification, and that there are no defects. Those that are okay for delivery are flagged off as PASSED, otherwise they are flagged as FAILED.

Sales Order Quality Check


This is the final stage, where the goods (or services) are released or delivered to the customer after completion. It is at this stage you earn and recognize your Sales Revenue, by crediting sales account and debiting Unearned Revenue. Well, you dont’t have to worry about any accounting entries because ABC Toolkit Carries out all these for you automatically.

Reports & Special Utilities

Each stage in the process comes with its own set of reports. However, the Reports option on the Sales/Job Order Processing toolbar provides you with additional report options. ABC Toolkit also provides sentinel that reminds you of Orders and their Due Dates, Pending Receipts, etc.

ABC Toolkit is the accounting software that every small business owner must have. It is more than accounting software—it is a complete financial and business tool customized for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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