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Welcome to—a site that is committed to the task of bringing accounting out of the back office into the main street.

But how did we come by the name “Accounting By Choice?” The first and obvious reason is that we intend to make accounting as simple as ABC, in theory and in practice, on this site. But that is just the acronym part. The other reason is the fact that there is no free adult human being on earth today who is not involved with something that requires accounting, in one way or the other. If you have ever bought or sold anything, if you own a property or any type of asset, if you have ever lent or borrowed money, then you have already got yourself entangled directly with accounting issues. If you are doing all these things without any formal method or tool, then you fall within the category of people who are doing accounting unconsciously—by default. And there is nothing more dangerous and harmful to your financial health than that.

Accounting By Choice is a clarion call for you to deliberately choose accounting and stop operating in default mode. We have set up this site to make freely available the right information, method and tools you will need to effectively achieve this goal with ease. Accounting is not something that should be confined to that back office—anytime we hit the street we are either spending money or making money. There is, therefore, the need to make accounting a common language and a simple activity that everyone can speak and perform easily, including the folks who sell on the sidewalks. We are here to help demystify accounting, as we equip you with all the relevant information and tools.

Stay with us. You will always remain our number one priority.

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Once again, we welcome you to Accounting By Choice, as you make that deliberate choice to embrace accounting today.

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